Capteurio Smart Temperature Monitoring for Chocolate Industry

Capteurio Chocolate Smart Monitoring Temperature

Capteurio helping Chocolate Industry in making sweet profits


The global chocolate market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.78% over the forecast period to reach a total market size of US$182.090 billion by 2025, increasing from US$137.599 billion in 2019.

Chocolates are fragile product without any doubt, Ice Cream Chocolate obviously needs to remain at the recommended temperature range during the manufacturing process even and need to be protected from ambient heat during transport. There is a high possibility of bacterial growth if kept at unappropriated temperature will ruin the flavor experience your consumers come to enjoy!

"Tempering with perfect temperature"

Tempering is the most important process that needs professional insights. It is the process of cooling and heating in such a way that encourages the buttery material cocoa to harden into custom patterns without compromising textural variables. Chocolate chips have additives that allow them to retain their structure at higher temperature.
However, if tempering is not done properly, it can lead to a number of potential problems such as insufficient hardening at room temperature, including dullness and structural breakdown. Due to improper temperature control, companies are struggling to overcome the problem of “Fat Bloom”. Fat bloom is the process of fats migration to the surface which results in whitish streaks.

"What happens if chocolate is not maintained at an appropriate temperature?"

Maintaining proper temperature range during the tempering process is secret to the success of the Chocolate Industry. If the temperature is maintained correctly, we can have full control over the chocolate sheen, sensory texture, color, hardness, chewiness, ingredients characteristics, and shelf life. Temperature fluctuations result in severe fat blooming. Fat bloom occurs when chocolate is exposed to elevated temperature or temperature fluctuation.
If chocolate gets too warm, it will soften, start to melt, and liquify. Chocolate starts to get soft at about 85F and starts to melt at about 93F.

“Chocolate is very sensitive to fluctuations in temperature even just a few variations make a BIG difference!!”

Capteurio Smart temperature monitoring provides real time data analysis that makes your traditional chocolate into smart chocolate. Companies can now easily analyse and optimise the ingredients in a smart way along with uptime and downtime status. Remote monitoring even during off hours is now possible using Capteurio IoT and AI predictive solutions. Our ML and AI model provides real-time alerts to take proactive steps towards maintenance services to reduce the cost and downtime.

Advantages of using a Smart Temperature Monitoring Solution

CAPTEURIO provides you with an end to end AI powered IoT solution and service so that you can relax while our devices do the job of monitoring your critical assets. We provide live data monitoring, reports, real time alerts, maps, user management and more.

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