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Capteurio, AI (Artificial Intelligence) diagnostic notified at the earliest sign of mechanical faults, corrective actions are recommended to ensure unexpected machines failures are mitigated. Plant engineers will get full access to machine health, with the history of machine health for future benchmarking and decisions. 


Industrial machinery is under constant pressure. Critical machines such as heavy electric motors, pumps, fans & blowers, etc are under 24/7 continuous production conditions. But most of the industries still follow the traditional method to check and collect machine health data through various handheld devices which contribute to higher costs of maintenance activity includes as labor cost, maintenance contracts, and cost of tools to fix and monitor the industrial equipment. 

 Capteurio Industrial Machine Health Device” is completely removing the need for manual vibration monitoring and worrying about the machine’s health status. The monitoring solution is powered with an AI diagnostic that provides real-time information about critical parameters of the machine’s health. The prediction tools enable an analysis of machine health for planned maintenance and prevent unexpected breakdowns that cause production halts” 

The future of Industrial AI is already here” ~ Capteurio

Capteurio, automates many diverse maintenance tasks including narrow and routine. The intelligent algorithms deliver value to the industry in multiple ways some of which are reducing maintenance costs, Increasing revenues, eliminating unplanned downtime, and creating completely new value to the operations. Most of the Industrial assets are operated in a rough environment which is continuously impacting the performance, functionality, and deteriorating life span of the critical equipment. 


Monitoring machine health parameters manually is unreliable, time-consuming, often associated with high cost and industry shutdown for maintenance activity. CapteurX provides machine learning-powered continuous monitoring of machine health and provides predictive insights over health parameters of machines to prevent unexpected breakdown and production halt.   


The early warning system is one of the key benefits of continuous condition monitoring that alerts maintenance teams with advance notice of parameter changes if ignored could result in permanent damages or catastrophic failure. 


Capteurio AI-based Industrial Machine Health Diagnostics is one of the best IIoT platforms not only to collect data of machines but also perform various operations such as Behavior analysis, parameter monitoring and allow Tracking of machine health status any time from anywhere & give your machine power to talk with you.

CapteurX | Smart Solutions for the Health of Machines

CapteurX – Monitor the real-time health status of industrial equipment such as fans power plants, cooling towers, air handling units, chilled and hot water pumps at any industry,Including monitoring of rotating equipment includes pumps, motors, compressors, centrifuges, turbines, generators, gearboxes, fans, blowers, air handlers, chillers, and all other rotating machinery Capteurio, tools completely eliminated the need for manual checking and data gathering process, help industries to convert their analog operations to digital. CapteurX is trusted by industrial experts to harvest parameters of industrial machine health and allow plant engineer to make maintenance decisions with various AI algorithms.

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Benefits of CapteurX

CAPTEURIO provides you with an end to end AI powered IoT solution and service so that you can relax while our devices do the job of monitoring your critical assets. We provide live data monitoring, reports, real time alerts, maps, user management and more.

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