CAPTEUR CTH – Real Time Cold Chain Monitoring

Monitor your Cold Chain using Capteurio Smart Capteur CTH device

Every year approximately 14 percent of the world’s food is lost from post-harvest.

"How Capteur CTH nodes revolutionize cold chain, transportation, and retail?"

Cold chain monitoring is one of the major factors in maintaining quality goods. Keeping the product cool, to avoid moisture loss and slow down undesirable chemical changes are the important goals of post-harvesting. The impact of this wastage directly affect food industries to consumers.
To satisfy the FDA, USDA and other regulatory agencies, food suppliers, retailers and food service providers require proper temperature monitoring to maintain perishable food. Perishable products are available to keep freshness during transportation from one place to another but still more than 20 percent perishable food is lost  due to temperature fluctuation during  cold chain storage and shipment.

No Need to worry with Food storage Temperature Monitoring

To provide complete safety of food and to meet consumers needs & governmental regulations.  CAPTEURIO introduces Capteur CTH fully automated temperature, humidity and Carbon dioxide monitoring solutions that enable you to monitor cold storage units 24/7/365.

Easily Monitor Life of Food - be always ready

Technology powered with AI & ML integrated CDAP “Capteurio Data Analytics Platform”, Including mobile application Android /iOS. With Capteur node, monitoring temperature ,humidity and Co2 will no longer be a major concern for supply chain and cold storage industries.

Anytime Anyplace Live Monitor Stored Food

Get real time insight on your storage chambers. Capteurio introduced Capteur “CTH”, Smart monitoring technology, “one device” that monitors environmental variables i.e carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity.

Get Real time Alert for better business

Capteur CTH is a monitoring device for Cold Storage, supply chain and other environmental sensitive industries.The system is fully automated, fast, accurate, secure and uses the latest algorithms that make it unique and that provides real-time alerts when an abnormal behavior in the parameters is observed in the cold storage units.

Good to know early aware food spoil

The highly accurate measurements as well as it is flexible plug & play, easy to set up makes it suitable for all kinds of cold chain storage units. The system identifies and predicts the onset of faults, perishable spoilage, and other catastrophic events. Our predictive alerts, alarm notification solution eliminates the need for high-cost rush-hour services for repair and prevents degradation or spoilage of goods.

Continuous Monitoring

Capteur nodes provide 100 % transparency to supply chain assets that traditionally is not possible. The new Capteur CTH node reshapes all kinds of industry and ensures safety of food industry consumers and workers at the next level .

Advantages of Using Smart Solution for Cold Storage:

CAPTEURIO provides you with an end to end AI powered IoT solution and service so that you can relax while our devices do the job of monitoring your critical assets. We provide live data monitoring, reports, real time alerts, maps, user management and more.

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