Why is real-time remote monitoring of industrial equipment necessary?

 “ Machine Fitness tracker CapteurX ”

Capteurio has combined artificial intelligence, machine learning, and fault analysis algorithms to provide automated real-time predictive maintenance for all kinds of industrial applications across Industry 4.0.

“CapteurX” for motors was launched in 2017 and earned a lot of industry interest since then. Capteurio stated it is a fitness band for your industrial machines. The sensor allows you to monitor the health and behavior of your pumps, motors, bearing, gearing, and other industrial machines in real-time with artificial intelligence. Capteurio is the world’s first company to monitor the fitness of industrial assets with artificial intelligence. PDM is plug and plays customizable solution that allows you to monitor all kinds of industrial machines this provided a cost-efficient condition monitoring solution for manufacturing and processing industries. 

CapteurX monitors key parameters of the equipment to drive meaningful decisions using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Staff members can easily monitor their machine behaviors from their digital tools such as smartphones, computers, and laptops. Smart sensors with edge computing cut maintenance costs, reduce and prevent unplanned downtime due to breakdowns. CapteurX is a plug-and-play sensor that is attached to the skin of the machine and starts providing you instant analysis of your machine heartbeats. AI-powered software has advanced communication features & an advanced range of monitoring capabilities.

Capteurio manages equipment failure risk and conducts or advises on preventive maintenance using reliable industrial index and urgency level. If your machine develops a fault, real-time alerts will be delivered to the maintenance team for quick and planned action. CapteurX ensures continuous monitoring of the operating and health parameters of process-critical motors, pumps and bearings, to keep production running 24/7/365. 

The Smart sensors reduce the number of hours spent manually checking performance and gathering data while bringing new artificial intelligence insight into the operating performance of the assets. In all kinds of industries, manual inspections are carried out at constant intervals which also depend upon the type of operations. The critical trends that indicate a serious potential risk would be missed, with the possibility of catastrophic failure, a long duration of downtime, and expensive loss of production.

Capteurio provides the Internet of things (IoT), a plug-and-play solution that performs condition monitoring of critical motors, bearings, and pumps with artificial intelligence. This solution is already proven to be effective in hazardous areas and industrial environments and provides more safety options to industrial workers to monitor remotely from their digital tools such as smartphones, ipads, laptops, and computers in real-time without visiting hazardous zones. Vibrational, Temperature, and Acoustic monitoring solutions can identify a range of machinery failures. Some of the most important issues that you can detect with real-time monitoring of machine vibration, acoustics signals, and temperature using CapteurX powered by Artificial intelligence.

Bearing faults and predictive analysis

Almost all kinds of machines communicate their health status through their vibration and temperature indexes. Some of the most common issues can be detected using vibration, temperature, and acoustic signals. Bearing is the critical component of rotating equipment or machines, their positioning, misalignment, design, need to be perfect for machines to perform and run properly. Interestingly, most of the time bearing defects are responsible for complete machine failure. Critical variables such as lubrication, design, alignment, debris, contamination, wear, and fatigue are the constant concerning problems of every manufacturing industry and often result in production losses and downtime.

Let’s have a look at some of the regular occurring problems industries have today. 

  • Lubrication: Improper/lack of lubrication is a major cause of bearing damages & failures. Under-lubrication, over-lubrication, and contamination results in machine failure. Therefore, it is critical for vibration sensors to be able to detect the higher frequency vibration resulting from different chapters of lubrication conditions.
  • Structural design and alignment: Improper bearing design, alignment of structure is one of the biggest causes of failure for rotating machines. Structural design always results in more vibration and also damages other correct operating parts of the machine. 
  • Debris and Contamination: Common causes of internal debris contamination include wear from gears, splines, seals, clutches, brakes, joints, and failed or spalled components. These hard particles travel within the lubrication, through the bearing, and eventually bruise (dent) the internal surfaces. 
  • Wear and fatigue: Continuous operation of bearing leads surfaces into wearing and fatigue modes. Wear often results in surface distortion which results in vibration each time surfaces come into contact and causing friction between the surface results in overheating of the equipment and higher vibrations.

Lubrication, Debris, contamination, wear, fatigue, and structural design often result in a high level of vibration, acoustic signals, temperature.  These patterns can be quickly identified and tracked using CapteurX real-time alerts on the web, mobile apps iOS /Android will be triggered before mature failure or major damage occurs to machines.

Lubrication Problems 

Machine lubrication is another critical factor and core requirement for all kinds of rotating machines. All kinds of bearing and rotating machines components must be properly lubricated for proper function and longevity of equipment. 

According to research, these are some of the most common and frequently occurring problems included. 

  • Lubrication contamination:  Lubrication contamination is major problems on which maintenance teams pay important attention ,which often results from internal debris, wear particles and improperly sealed areas These hard particles travel within the lubrication, through the bearing, and eventually bruise (dent) the internal surfaces. If the contamination particles are large enough,they can cause surface abrasions ,overheating due to frictions causes fatigue and damage over the duration. 
  • Over greasing: Overgreasing can lead to high operating temperatures, collapsed seals, and in the case of greased electric motors, energy loss, and failures. It is always recommended to maintain a balance between over and under lubrication. Excess lubrication often leads to energy dissipation (energy loss), increasing operating temperature which results in contributing to equipment wear and fatigue.
  • Insufficient lubrication is a common occurrence in machines and rotating components. Often leads to increased friction and overheating . More than 85% lubrication professionals observed and reported these instances in their workplace. Insufficient or under lubrication conditions are the major contributing factors for structural distortion of material and also in more energy consumption.

Gear defects and faults /  Gear Mesh Defects  

Contact motion between gears during their rotation in machinery needs to align and process activity smoothly for the proper function of machines. Gear mesh defects propagate over time and result in catastrophic damages, Most of the gear defects are usually misalignment or dimensions defects of parts which lead to positioning and manufacturing errors and result in indirect influence on efficiency and quality of the product. Gear defects often result in high noise and vibration which can be detected using Capteurio real-time predictive maintenance wireless sensor devices.

Misalignment of shafts, motors, tools, and pumps deteriorate machine parts over time as a result of overheating-thermal activity, uneven wearing, component shifting, high noise signals, and vibrations. Especially in the case of machine shafts of any type, these kinds of behavior results in stress over time, wear and fatigue. Fortunately, these problems can be detected using artificial intelligence-powered smart vibration and noise monitoring that even send alerts to safety staff for proactive actions 

Unbalances – Unbalance is explained as an unequal distribution of mass causing the mass axis to differ from the bearing axis. Unbalance is the uneven distribution of mass around an axis of rotation. A rotating mass, or rotor, is considered to be out of balance when its center of mass  (inertia axis) is out of alignment with the center of rotation (geometric axis). Unbalance causes a moment that gives the rotor a characteristic of vibration of rotating structures

It is the common cause of vibration and premature bearing destruction within rotating machinery equipment. Vibration in rotating equipment can greatly reduce the life of the equipment and the bearings. Moreover, it often results in manufacturing defects, deformation, maintenance, and reading errors. Over time, this operation can result in serious damages and sudden breakdowns which can be protected using real-time predictive maintenance solutions. 

Benefits of Predictive and Condition Monitoring System

There are enormous benefits to using smart vibration monitoring solutions. This type of smart maintenance and monitoring technology presents significant advantages to businesses.

Control and reduce maintenance expenses in real-time 

The cost of maintenance, tools, hiring technicians, playing, and waiting for equipment is a costly and time-consuming process. Moreover, the cost of inspection required skilled labor which required you to pay a substantial amount of funds on just inspection purposes. Predictive maintenance solution helps in identifying problems before they become a critical failure and cause major damage to an organization such as a production halt. Smart digital monitoring also helps in identifying the problem before it causes major damages. Your team can plan maintenance efforts more effectively and efficiently to reduce resources on unnecessary costs of maintenance.

Proactive maintenance 

Real-time monitoring of tools and machines enables executives to stay connected to the health of the machines. Executive and staff members can easily synchronize schedules, order parts, and inspection plans for downtime. Proactive maintenance will maximize the industry productivity, staff members and industrial leaders have real-time access to the health status of their industries. 

Since the maintenance team is digitally and in real-time connected to their industrial machines using capteur nodes, they can identify machine problems earlier and can ensure machinery is functioning at peak capacity with high efficiency. 

Maximize productivity 

Damaged machines in continuous operation cause problems to other integrated equipment and tools. Moreover, such machines under industrial operation are one of the major responsible factors for the inadequate quality of the final products. Hence making the industry less efficient and degrading its industrial productivity indexes. 

Increase Life Span

Since traditionally there is no possible way the inspection team can analyze fixable errors in the machine until it breaks down. But with predictive monitoring, it is now fixable for the inspection team to analyze the condition earlier and fix these problems instantly in a planned manner. Technicians can have full access to inspect problems immediately without any further delay and downtime. 

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“Machine Fitness tracker CapteurX ”

Choose Capteurio real-time monitoring World first Artificial intelligence-powered prediction and condition-based monitoring. Smart alerts to facilitate early detection of wear, misalignment, lubrication level, over & under heating, and many more, CapteurX enable proactive maintenance and provides cost-effective remote monitoring activities. 

CAPTEURIO provides you with an end to end AI powered IoT solution and service so that you can relax while our devices does the job of monitoring your critical assets. We provide live data monitoring, reports, real time alerts, maps, user management and more.

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