Smart Agriculture


Precision farming is about connecting smart monitoring and management system in the field to increase Crop yield,profitability, productivity and reduce the level of traditional agriculture inputs needed to grow crops (land, water, fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides)

The challenge

Global agriculture crises is the new era challenge that can be solved by IoT technologies. The IoT is set to push the future of farming to the next level .

Sensor technology  to help farmers, workers and professionals to revolutionize crop sensing and farmer connections to agriculture land through plug & play remote real time monitoring. 

Capteurio Smart Agriculture

Applications of IoT Technology for Agriculture

capteurio irrigation
capteurio smart compost
capteurio smart farming
capteurio grain silos
Meteorological analysis
capteurio meterological analysis
Grain silos

Benefits of IoT technology for Agriculture

 What precision agriculture looks for…


  • Better quality
  • Water management with soil moisture sensor
  • Traceability and transparency
  • Reduce the number of visits:Save transport cost
  • Reduce crop losses: Disease and adverse weather protection
  • Compound production and financial benefits
  • Optimize growth environment
  • Sustainable food Value Chain


  • Less transport costs: human interventions only when needed.
  • Less time spent
  • Reduce crop losses through disease or adverse weather
  • Cost savings reducing use of fertilizers, pesticides and consumables
  • Fight against droughts, scarcity and famine
  • Compound production and financial benefits
  • Less lossess

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