Smart Temperature Monitoring for Ice Cream Industry

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Monitor Ice Creams using Capteurio Smart Temperature Monitoring Solution

July is National Ice Cream Month and this Sunday is National Ice Cream Day!  Ice cream manufacturers and parlors alike are turning to the Internet of Things to keep things cool and creamy.

We all know Ice creams are most sensitive to temperature fluctuations. If not kept frozen at very close to its ideal storage temperature of -18 to -25 °C (-0.4 to -13°F) from one end of the cold supply chain to the other, it can suffer severe damage, including changes in flavor, color, texture, smoothness and even the state of packaging.

Iciness is the key to the textural structure of ice cream and taste. It is considered as the most important factor accountable for lost sales through customer dissatisfaction with quality. Moreover, if Ice creams are kept at improper temperature for long duration, they become unfit for consumption and even lead to bacteria growth which can lead to diseases like food infection, indigestion and other side effects.

Well, we all know that temperature threatens any ice cream brand’s success. Sudden freezer breakdown, improper insulation, or air leaks in badly sealed doors impact food safety standards. Ice cream taste, texture and creative touch are the foundation for the better consumer experience. It is highly recommended to avoid temperature fluctuation during storage and distribution.

“So, is there any way we can protect ice creams from degrading?”

Capteurio Smart Ice cream temperature monitoring

Yes, it is possible to store and maintain chilled ice creams with Smart Temperature monitoring. Real-time temperature monitoring of freezer units ensures proper food safety standards, but also provides insight into how the equipment is performing and alerts us to take proactive steps towards maintenance services not only to protect our Ice cream but also enables reduction in the cost and downtime due to equipment failures.

Number of companies are already using Capteurio’s Smart Temperature Monitoring Solution for reducing their ice cream spoilage and maintenance cost, Storage companies can now reduce overall cost and increase their productivity using the artificial intelligence powered CDAP platform that allows users to access information and monitor the health of stored goods and refrigerator units remotely from anywhere around the globe.

Even when you are enjoying your favorite ice cream on vacations, you can still monitor your refrigerator using Capteurio’s Real Time Smart temperature monitoring. Our AI-management tool reveals varying underground conditions in real-time which builds understanding of how your cold chain environment behaves and enables proactive  operational management.

Advantages of using a Smart Temperature Monitoring Solution

CAPTEURIO provides you with an end to end AI powered IoT solution and service so that you can relax while our devices does the job of monitoring your critical assets. We provide live data monitoring, reports, real time alerts, maps, user management and more.

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