Smart Parking


Optimize the parking space , real time information of parking space availability both indoor and outdoorOn average, drivers spend 17 hours a year searching for parking, which is estimated to cost $345 per driver in time, fuel, and emissions and an average cost about $17,250 in your life . 

The challenge

  • Noise Pollution
  • Time consuming
  • Traffic jams
  • Waste fuel
  • Pollution and toxic gases
  • Frustration and anxiety
  • Pedestrian safety


By 2050, the UN predicts the world will have 10 billion citizens and three billion additional cars. Mobility management in Urban cities is hour of need to meet future challenges 


Applications of IoT Technology for Smart Parking

Industry Parking
Urban Area
Road Side Parking
University Parking
Hospital Parking
Shopping Mall Parking

Benefits of IoT technology for Smart Parking

 What precision smart parking looks for…


  • Real time visibility of Parking availability
  • Reduce Time span by 60%
  • Save fuel and gas emission 
  • Reduce Traffic problems by 40%

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