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Capteur CTH - CO2, Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Excessive moisture, high temperature, and unsuitable Co2 level can make stored grain vulnerable to insects or diseases considered to be the most important factorsthat lead to problems along with major lossesto the farmer. In the Silos maintaining adequate temperature, humidity, or Co2 during storage & shipment of productsto prevent food spoilage is one of the primary concerns.

This is now solved by Capteur”CTH” which will do real-time round-the-clock monitoring to ensure the safety of yourr esources and provides you all kinds of digital alerts whenever a threshold level has been breached. Farmers can now easily improve the quality of their grains, optimize their yield, monitor merchandise or facilitate inventory management with artificial intelligence-powered Capteur nodes. and will recieve digital certificates of quality upon request.

High moisture content in grain of over 12% causes damage to the seeds because it promotes diseases. At 13 ½ to 15% moisture level fungal begin to grow

                    WE PROVIDE

  • Predictive alerts – Real-time email, text, app alerts, before Co2, temperature, and humidity value exceed its threshold limits
  • AI- management –We reveal varying underground conditions in real-time which builds understanding of how crops behave and enables proactive artificial intelligence field management
  • Reports –Graphical and statistical reports to analyze the trends of temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide fluctuations to fasten the management decision-making process
  • Remote monitoring – Capteurio provides tools & facilities to monitor crops in real-time with CDAP web and mobile applications from anywhere around the globe

Real Time Alerts

Live Data Analysis

Historical Data

Report Generation

Sensor Maps

User Management

Secure Data

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