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Water drives a number of different sectors in our society: Our smart water management system allows you to monitor quality of water more efficiently and safer for consumption,fish farms, swimmings .Smart water monitoring detects chemical leakages in rivers,sea and also tracks pressure level, leak detection throughout the piping system.

The challenge

  • More than 40 percent of the world population will be living in water stress by 2050.
  • United nation reports- 126 million cubic meters of water lost annually due to leaks and wrong metering
  • Cost of lost water amount to $39 billion a year


Sensor technology  to help managers, smart city planners to revolutionize water management through plug & play remote real time monitoring. 

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Applications of IoT Technology for Smart Water Management

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Aquaculture Farming
pool smart capteurio
Industrial Water Mangement
aquaculture capteurio
Smart Pool
Algea Farming
Agriculture Water Management
Circular Indoor Farming

Benefits of IoT technology for Smart Water Mangement

 What precision smart water management looks for…


  • Reduce leakage and billings 
  • Proactive action on potential failures
  • Traceability and transparency
  • Water quality assurity
  • Control pressure and consumption
  • Save Cost and Energy resources

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