Smart Temperature Monitoring Application for Global Industries

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Quality of the product – Smart thermostats are used to constantly monitor the temperature of the manufactured products. It allows the industry to monitor the temperature to ensure that safety measures are met. If the temperature does not match the standard set value, the product is declared unfit and is removed to guarantee the safety of the product. It helps to confirm the quality of the products and remotely monitor the temperature of the items.

Real time monitoring – IoT devices provide notifications in real-time. Industries can track the environmental temperature on the dedicated application. It saves time and helps in quick decision making by eliminating the redundant tasks like taking manual readings.

Advanced analysis to improve the quality – The data gathered from the temperature sensors helps to analyze the data which will help the manufacturers to study the behavior of the product with respect to temperature and thus predicting the quality of the product.

Warehouse and Inventory management – IoT based temperature monitoring maintains the temperature and humidity of the warehouse. Temperature monitoring helps warehouse and inventory management to track and remotely control the temperature of the warehouse and thus improving the reliability of the warehouse and storage. It reduces the cost of inspection.

Machine monitoring – Sudden breakdown of machines can stop the manufacturing in industries. Temperature monitoring sensors can be used to detect the problem in machines as high temperature can lead to wear and tear which reduces the lifetime of machines. It helps companies to conduct effective condition based maintenance and to reduce the breakdown of the machines which helps in reducing the cost of production.

Supply chain management – Temperature monitoring allows monitoring the temperature during distribution phase as the quality of products is affected due to changing environmental conditions. It helps companies to remotely monitor the temperature and track the environmental parameters on the transportation of the products. This IoT solution helps in the supply chain.

Customer – Industry relation – The products are also embedded with QR code which can be scanned by the customers to confirm the safety of the products. It guarantees the customers and creates the assurance between the industry and customers that product is following safety measures for the usage

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