Top 10 Temperature Monitoring Applications

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Top 10 Temperature Monitoring  Applications


In this era, IoT is one of the fast growing domains which is easily integrated with domestic and non-domestic appliances. One of the common and popular IoT based solutions is Temperature. Temperature is an important parameter of various industries that help to improve their productivity. Here we are going to highlight the most important temperature monitoring applications and how CAPTEURIO monitors these industries’ essential assets.


Smart Cold Storage Monitoring

The total capacity of refrigerated warehouses worldwide was 616 million cubic meters in 2018, 2.67% greater than the capacity reported in 2016. India was the single largest country market, at 150 million cubic meters, followed by the United States at 131 million cubic meters, and China at 105 million cubic meters. As per recent survey, available information, there are 8186 numbers of cold storages with capacity of 374.25 Lakh MT available in India for storing perishable horticulture produce like fruits and vegetables. Every year in most countries fresh vegetables, fruits are wasted due to lack of efficient cold chain infrastructure. For instance in India cold chain logistics market is estimated to be in continuous and rapid grow, currently more than 10+ thousands reefer vans with 40+ million tones cold storage capacity of Perishable products is available to keep freshness during transportation from one place to another but still more than 20 percent perishable food is lost  due to temperature fluctuation during  cold chain storage and shipment. Cold Chain storage, transport, and reefer vans require specific temperatures to maintain perishable products. Cold storage contains Perishable foods that are preserved for more than 100 days. Here Capteurio Smart Temperature devices are the most suitable monitoring device for cold storage, that can inform the owner/driver/authorized person about the real time readings of temperature of their assets. CDAP(CAPTEURIO DATA ANALYTIC PLATFORM) of Capteurio gives clear visualization of your cold storage temperature heartbeat 24/7/365.


Smart IoT solution for Pharma Industries 

One of the key challenges faced by Pharmaceutical companies is Improper temperature. To overcome this problem there are various traditional solutions available to measure temperature. The top priority of pharmaceutical companies is delivering medicine in a good quality. The biggest challenge associated with this supply chain is temperature monitoring as well as counterfeit drug prevention. Many pills and vaccines continue to be workable inside a precise vary of temperatures. If uncovered past this temperature range, the medicinal drug no longer works as intended. Patients, hospitals all matter on the medicinal provide chain and logistics corporations that supply heat-sensitive medicines, such as vaccines or insulin. During the transportation of these drugs, a transportation field is required that continues the proper temperature and archives all adjustments into a pre-programmed sensor. Here, Smart Temperature monitoring solution by Capteurio are ready to monitoring temperature of Pharmaceutical drugs at a safe temperature from producer to the factor of consumption


Smart IoT solution for Data Centers |Server Rooms 

In 21st centres data centres are continuously increasing that mean large numbers of data stores, processes and transmit. The computation of the Data centre consumes up to 100 times more energy per square metre than office accommodation. Data centres usually contain high computing server racks that generate heat. To require a dedicated cooling system for a Data Centre is essential. Capteurio Introduce Temperature monitoring device(Capteur Temp), that monitors the data centre temperature 24/7, with various essential features that are perfect solutions for 4 tiers of data centers. Smart Temperature monitoring solution by Capteurio are ready to monitoring temperature of All types of Data Centers


Smart IoT Solution for Tea Manufacturing Industries

In India, Tea is a major agricultural and export item of Assam and it plays an important role to the economic growth of India in general and Assam in particular. The proper monitoring and control of different tea process parameters like temperature, relative humidity, moisture content at different levels is done manually. Fermentation is the most crucial process which is primarily responsible for tea quality. It is an oxidation process where tea leaves change colour and smell. Relative humidity (RH) and temperature play a crucial role in producing good quality tea. For that Capteurio provide Smart Tea Monitoring Solution (CAPTEUR TRH) for Tea Manfacturing industries 


Smart IoT solution for Green House 

Most greenhouse systems use manual systems for monitoring the temperature and humidity which can cause discomfort to the worker as they have to visit the greenhouse every day and manually control them. Also, a lot of other problems can occur as it directly affects the production rate because the temperature and humidity must be constantly monitored to ensure the good yield of the plants. In other words, Floriculture depends entirely on the specific temperature which is not possible with the natural climate due to high temperature, heavy rainfall and high humidity. Hence to monitor Greenhouse Capteurio introduces Capteur CTH devices that continuously monitor Floriculture. Capteurio’s existing customers have a lot to gain in their business through Smart Capteurio IoT based Solutions.


Smart IoT solution for Hospitals 

Temperature monitoring structures are precious property in hospitals and clinical facilities. They play a critical position in keeping the each day operations in a hospital. Even the smallest variants in temperature readings can make the distinction between life-saving medicinal drugs and pharmaceuticals. Temperature dictates the capability of viruses, micro organisms and so on to not solely live on however to thrive as well, so temperature management in hospitals is necessary due to the frequency and transmission of these. Factors such as temperature, humidity, mild and even pollution can inactivate free-floating, airborne infectious organisms. Temperature is one of the most necessary elements affecting virus survival, as it can have an effect on the country of viral proteins and the virus genome. Hospitals and different scientific amenities are accountable for storing and administering medications, meals for affected persons, preserving the integrity of samples, and lots more.


Smart IoT solution for Museums 

According to UNESCO, Dramatic upward jostle in cultural tourism in latest decades, the quantity of museums round the world has elevated from 22,000 in 1975 to 95,000 today. Cultural heritage of each us of a is very important. To apprehend the records of any country, Museums is the location where older tools have been kept. These tools require ideal temperature and humidity. To preserve cultural property Capteurio offers a fantastic Smart CAPTEUR CTH (C02/Temperature/Humidity) monitoring solution for Museum.


Smart Temperature monitoring solution for Poultry 

The most essential climatic elements for the productiveness of a poultry farm are temperature and humidity and their maintenance. For instance, a day-old hen requires 33°C (91°F) at a relative air humidity of 50%. If the outdoor temperature is 24°C (75°F) and the air is headed straight into the sector occupied through the nascent birds besides being heated first, then the climate would be too challenging to resist. Therefore, ideal heating/cooling solutions have to be furnished alongside fabulous ventilation. With development in technology, it is feasible to automate the monitoring of these climatic parameters alternatively of the use of the traditional monitoring methods. The favorable  climate adjustments  in a poultry farm especially during the summer and winter seasons can help to improve the productivity of the farm and economize the energy usage. Here, Capteurio gives Smart CAPTEUR CTH (C02/Temperature/Humidity) monitoring solution for Poultry Farms


Smart IoT solution for Electricity 

Temperature Monitoring plays an important role in the field of electricity. Overheating caused by overloaded circuits, unbalanced loads, or loose or damaged connections will shorten equipment life, and potentially lead to catastrophic failure. Temperature can rise in medium-voltage switchgear and switchboard components suddenly, often resulting in causing thermal run-away, resulting in burning, melting and destruction of components. Periodic visual inspections are costly and require special safety considerations.


Smart IoT solution for Forest 

There are many important issues affecting the forest environment due to deforestation and natural disasters for example forest fires, or increased gas emissions. There is an intelligent forest environment monitoring solution given by CAPTEURIO. Parameters such as temperature, gas concentrations, soil humidity etc. can be  monitored with sensors while background sounds are analyzed with a classification algorithm .The user’s accessibility to the collected data is ensured via Internet and a mobile applications that allows the user to receive notifications, whenever fire, pollution sources, or illegal deforestation are detected.

Advantages of using a Smart Temperature Monitoring Solution

CAPTEURIO provides you with an end to end AI powered IoT solution and service so that you can relax while our devices does the job of monitoring your critical assets. We provide live data monitoring, reports, real time alerts, maps, user management and more.

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