How Temperature and Moisture in Cold Stores may lead to Spoilage & Significant Losses? | Why is temperature so important to the food industries?

Maintain end to end cold chain integrity

World wide consumers want fresh and hygienic food and they are willing to pay an extra amount for it. During the Pandemic, fresh and hygienic food is a very essential commodity for everyone. It is important for food processing industries to store and transport these goods under proper environmental conditions. To ensure that perishable foods such as dairy, eggs, pork, vegetables and more are stored in proper environmental conditions they are generally maintained a manual record.

Why is temperature so important to the food industry?

During the transportation of perishable food items, it is very essential to maintain proper temperature and most of the time reefer vans/trucks are unaware of the fluctuations in temperature, leading to serious food wastage and business losses. Some places in the world still use a traditional system where the start and end points are noted with paper and pen methods that can be easily changed to save jobs from human error.

How to monitor perishable food temperature 24*7*365 ?

There can be spoilage that may not be detected ,this is one of the reasons why industries struggling with food spoilage , almost a third of all food produced globally is lost, damaged, or wasted, costing more than $35 billion per year. The higher the temperature gets; the faster food will deteriorate, for every 18 °F rise in temperature within the temperature range where most food is handled (50 °F to 100° F), the rate of chemical reaction is approximately doubled.

How to Digitize Temperature of Cold Chain Logistics?

Old standard methods completely challenge to verify whether the recorded temperature values actually reflect the real history of the shipment’s temperature. To mitigate these issues, Capteurio introduces IoT for cold chain logistics, CapteurTemp real time temperature monitoring ensures that your long distance food, perishable products, and medicines are delivered with assured freshness and quality.

IoT based Best solution for cold chain industry?

Capteur temp for cold chain logistics helps businesses streamline the logistics process in real time. It helps to overcome the major challenges faced in  the cold chain logistics with real time monitoring, cloud storage, data insights and helping businesses to make proactive decisions remotely from anywhere around the world. Artificial intelligence power report generation with graphical representation allows deep insights for all manufacturers , shippers , receivers and consumers.

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Benefits of Capteur Temp - Real time Temperature monitoring

CAPTEURIO provides you with an end to end AI powered IoT solution and service so that you can relax while our devices does the job of monitoring your critical assets. We provide live data monitoring, reports, real time alerts, maps, user management and more.

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